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WINNER of BEST BOOK Award - Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards

'An incredible voyage of financial self-discovery with plenty of "aha" moments[...] Think of this as financial therapy with feeling' - Claer Barrett, Financial Times

'Essential reading for anyone who has ever earned, spent or saved money. Highly recommend' - Adam Alter, New York Times bestselling author of IrresistibleAnatomy of a Breakthrough and Drunk Tank Pink


In this revolutionary new book, financial psychotherapist Vicky Reynal will uncover the different ways our past experiences impact our current relationship with money. We might feel our financial behaviours are unchangeable because we haven't yet dealt with the deep-seated longings and fears that lay behind them. There are often psychological defences from our childhood that have stayed with us, following us into our adulthood:

Did an emotionally absent parent leave us longing for comfort which, as an adult, we give ourselves through shopping?
Were our asks always dismissed or denied by our parents, which discourages us from approaching a salary negotiation?
Did we absorb a parent's lack of boundaries, which stops us from making rational financial decisions like sticking to a budget?
Or maybe bullying in school left us with a longing to belong so, as adults, we overspend on nights out to be liked and 'fit in'?

Vicky will deep dive into different money behaviours such as overspending, underspending, money secrets, self-sabotage and analyse how we let money interfere with our most important relationships (with partners, parents, siblings and friends). Through a mix of case studies, client stories and expertise in psychotherapy, Money on Your Mind will help you understand and unpack what is driving your financial habits for an improved and healthier relationship with money.

Publisher: Bonnier Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781788708173

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